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Wooden Front Doors Ideas

There is nothing like an inviting front door. It tells your guests, as well as welcomes them into a cozy interior, of who you are. Now, if you are working on your front doors, for the same or other reasons, here are some great ideas to consider.

Do you have an old door in your possession? Install it for your front door, and there you will have a cool one, not to mention when you add unique lanterns or ironwork. If your front door now is a solid wood, handcrafted trims will make it unique.

Black Wooden Front Doors With Sidelights

You must be familiar with Victorian front doors. The wooden rectangular front door looks firm and stern despite the elegant ornaments – so classic. If, otherwise, you want a more modern look, Hollywood style may catch your interest. Hollywood architectural style mostly features grand design, so make sure a Hollywood front door matches with your overall home style.

For a more rustic look, you can go with a wooden Robinhood style, which generally features the rounded monk design. Enhance the rustic characteristics with large metal, mostly iron, hinges on different depths of wood colors. Quite the reverse, bronze pivot hinges on a custom mahogany or cherry wood door gives an urban impression.

When it comes to creating impressions, color does a lot. Pick out a bold bright color for your front door, and there you present a door that is just so happy to see everyone! A bright red, shocking fuchsia, electric blue, or lemon green front door hits your eyes, diminishing all confusing elements around the entrance.

If bright colors are too striking for you, find a combination color of the surrounding. For example, a pale aqua front door of a blue or white house, or else a purple front door with green trim, is of a gentler option.

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