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Home Exterior Makeover Projects

Exterior Window Makeover Project

Updating your home exterior is a project needed from time to time. Therefore, you will need home exterior makeover projects that not only fit your home style, but also your budget.

Your Home Style

People usually express themselves into their home style, in some way. A particular architectural design, be it traditional, minimalist, Mediterranean, tropical, Southwestern, midcentury modern, Victorian, Craftsman, etc., must have its own appeal on you. You need to start your Home exterior makeover project by knowing your home architectural style first, and then go with it. A sleek and modern approach goes with modern, art deco, or Prairie style. In contrast, Cape Cod, Tudor, Queen Anne, or Colonial Revival is the reference for a more old-fashioned look.


Your home style will lead you to material selections for an home exterior makeover project. For example, traditional styles use more wood shingles and brick rather than metal siding and stone – you cannot go wrong with this. There is, of course, some leeway, such as in times when you are struggling with budget (vinyl siding costs better than stone), but make sure your choice of materials does not flaw the overall design.


Rather than fully remodeling your home, painting new colors is the best idea for an inexpensive exterior makeover project – and still has an impact. The new color of paint should complement, as well as define and highlight the architectural features of, your home style. Neutral colors go with most styles, but attractive colors, if you like them, give bright and bold accents that drastically enhance your home exterior.

A painless makeover tactic is by jazzing up your home exterior with decorative elements: unique font, lighting, mailbox, entryway, in addition to the bright and bold colors. Let your taste guide you to find a more personalized and lived-in look on your home exterior.

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