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Front Yard and Backyard Planning

Modern Home Backyard Planning ideas

Designing a front yard or backyard requires the right plant species and garden accessories. You may get on the gardening yourself or hire a good landscape architect, but you need to learn how a front yard landscaping is different from backyard landscaping.

Front Yard Landscaping

The most important part of front yard landscaping is the curb appeal. It should be not only inspiring, but also consistent with your home style and yourself. Do you enjoy yourself when gardening? You will love a well-maintained flower garden. On the contrary, if you are not a green-thumb type of person, you will not mind with plain grass and wood fence, water feature, or gravel pathway for accessories. Hedges, bushes, or succulents is a type of garden with low maintenance, sitting somewhere between the two of the previous types.

Backyard Landscaping

You have more options for backyard landscaping. Your backyard serves for leisure time, so you can add in a dining area, sunny relaxation spot, play space, or seating area. Again, if you love gardening, a rose garden or vegetable garden in your backyard is an excellent idea. Once the yard staple is settled, accessorizing follows. A weatherproof bench, chaise lounge, chairs, or sofa is a great meditation or reading spot. If your family likes bird watching, add in feeders and birdbaths or else a volleyball court, croquet, bocce ball, or basketball court if your family members are active. An outdoor kitchen, barbeque, fireplace, fire pit on a deck or patio, plus a pool are what you need for a party home. Other accessories include fence, walkway, arbor, pergola, or border.

Think about your family when you plan for your backyard landscaping because they are the ones who will use the backyard the most. Bear in mind that backyard and front yard are separate entities, serving for different purposes, so you will need to plan differently.

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