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How to Arrange Mood for Your Home Décor Work

Mood or atmosphere plays very important role in home decoration. It can be achieved by incorporating different patterns, textures, furnishing, colors, and items that you use – including accessories. If you have a certain preference over a certain theme, consider it through and you can have a special spot that is adjusted and designed to represent of who you really are.

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When planning and adjusting a mood, here are the things that you should consider and do:

  • Make sure to use an inspiration piece. You don’t need to do something big or grandeur to achieve this state. A simple magazine photo, favorite scarf, or a decorative pillow can be your starting point. Your inspiration piece should be something that you like and you feel calm and good to look at. And then work on the colors, textures, patterns, and theme around it. Some people may take this inspiration thing to a higher level. It is common for those having deep interest to Paris, for instance, having its decal in a wall and then arranges Parisian setting and theme around it. It truly depends on your creativity and skill, so you should develop your skills and creativity.
  • Develop your theme. For instance, if you have a botanical designed pillow –and you are into botany so much – then your supporting theme should work around it. you can have a striped walls with green and white, have mostly floral patterns and green hue, have botanical prints, and add black and dark wooden accents on the room will certainly make your house look unique and one of a kind.
  • Make sure to use various items. Similarity and uniformity can be dull and boring, especially when it is done over and over. Using uniformed stuff is okay, as long as you ‘slip in’ a different character to make it less dull.

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