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Tropical Home Design Coziness

Modern Tropical Home Design Coziness Ideas

Everyone loves going to the beach, with its sandy white beach, the beautiful sea, the calming and soothing warm wind, the warm sun on your skin, and so many good things about it. too bad that not everyone can have a house right next to the beach, but what if you can deliver the beach to your house through the tropical home design? Not only it will bring you the ideal tropic atmosphere, you will feel as if the beach is right there on your backyard garden!

When it comes to modern tropical home design, the combination of lush greeneries and natural material is important because that’s what makes your house is like the tropical paradise. Consider designing your house with natural materials like wood, wicker, or bamboo, and add shady awning with the similar elements. The greeneries around your house should be green, lush, and many. You can add palm trees, bushy shrubs, and other lush plants that will make your house an ideal tropical paradise.

Designing your house in tropical feel can also deliver the feeling. Consider having an open porch with yellowish warm light so there will be a cozy and warm feel about it. It would be better if you can add bonfire into the setting, so you and your families – or friends – can cuddle up during autumn or winter, and enjoy the night together. You can also have a wooden deck right next to a small clean pool with water lilies – and the pool is surrounded by small and lush shrubs – as a place for hanging out. If you place wicker furniture with wooden floor or bamboo accessories, everything will be just right!

Don’t forget that tropical house is incorporating open and free space concept, so you should consider having big glass windows or sliding doors, with the combination of wooden walls. It would be just nice and perfect.

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