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The Elegance of European Home Design

European Home Design With Green Garden Front Yard

If you are looking for a home design that will make your house look elegant, exclusive, and luxurious, the European home design should be your best option. Yes, your house may look like from the one designed and built during the Middle Age, but with a touch of modernity and a simple addition of present look and design, you can make your house not only elegant and timeless, but also stylish and fashionable.

There are some distinctive characteristics about European houses. The roofs are usually steep, with curvy eaves – only a slight flaring look, not too much – and stone and stucco. Moreover, the roofs look like they are coming down and incorporated with the windows, so when there is a second level, it will be in the roof. The colors being used are usually warm and earthy natural hue like brown, beige, or gray. It is quite rare for European houses to incorporate bright and bold colors.

The shapes are usually more complicated, with lots of curves and sides – accommodating the interior needs and function. The doors and the windows are all designed in traditional manner, with many accents around it. The addition of natural elements, such as wood or stone is very often. For instance, adding a stone archway between the driveway and the front door is common, or having stoned walls for the garage is not something new.

Even with one level design and structure, often times there is a small window on the roof indicating the attic. Even with the one level design, the attic is always located on the upper side of the house, and a window with its pane is built. it is designed to regulate the air flow so fresh air can come in and out into the attic, avoiding humidity and stale smell. Greeneries are often included, but kept minimum and not too much.

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