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The Deal about Modern Home Design

Modern Home Architecture Interior Ideas

When it comes to modern home design, there are certain shapes and forms that differentiate this kind of design with the others. Modern home design isn’t only about look, but also about functionality and usage. When you are dealing with modern home, you will see a house that has very basic and simple styling and yet very stylish and chic in its simplicity.

From the exterior look alone, you can see that modern home is very simple and fuss-free. The shapes are mostly rectangular with one or at least two types of materials being mixed together. Despite the boxy and rectangular shape, the modernity is strongly visible from afar. Colors are kept minimum, with at least one basic color. If there is another color being added, it is usually made as additional trimming and accent.

Whether the house is designed and built in one level or two levels, the shapes are kept very simple and basic – still on the rectangular base. The simplest form will be the combination of wood and glass, or concrete with glass, where the walls are made of those combinations to create stylish and catchy look. The addition of glass isn’t only good to make the house look bigger and more spacious, but it is also good to bring in natural lights into the house.

In modern home, the combination of structure, material, and lighting is important, because it will create a certain effect that will make the house look different, homey, cozy, and stylish in its simplicity. If you want to have a modern home that looks good without compromising quality and functionality, you should consider those aspects. Greeneries are kept to the minimum, with a few tall trees or shady bushes as possible. Even when there is a garden, the grass is kept short and only some short plants are being kept.

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