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Best Design Ideas for your Home Décor with Traditional and Modern Furniture

Traditional Home Furniture Living Room Decorating Ideas

Today, designing a house is not merely choosing one style, such as traditional or contemporary one. There have been many examples in contrast to popular belief that home décor today can combine traditional and contemporary one. Of course, they key lies in the furniture selection. You should be clever when selecting the furniture to be placed in any room in your house.

The reason why many people today choose to combine both contemporary and traditional furniture is to create balance that makes your home more stunning and lively. Of course, you must be able to choose furniture from different eras so that you can enhance other features in your room that requires more attention from you. You can select various materials for the furniture, from wood to metal, and combine them carefully. You’ll be surprised at the result.

The first thing you need to do to redecorate your house is to remove all the furniture in the room you will design. You should not just move things around. Moving completely the furniture from the room will make you think more clearly. Thus, you can consider where you should place certain furniture with certain style.

After removing all the furniture from the room, you can then select one of your furniture to be the master of the design. Think of furniture that is essential to your design. For example, you may have an antique bed from the 19th century. You can use the bed as the center of the design in your bedroom. With such a classic bed, you can simply add accessories. Of course, the accessories should be the opposite style of the master furniture. This may include modern bed cover, modern nightshade or modern cabinet.

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